Valdemar Danry x Cenk G├╝zelis



OPENING: _5PM, July 17

We are currently in an AI revolution. Big AI models are writing entire books, and generating art sold worth millions. Soon content made from big AI models will start to permeate our intimate shared and home spaces. As these digital designs are given a body through advanced 3D printing technologies, any artifact can be generated almost instantaneously. What kind of transformative effect will this have on us as humans and on our meaning making? What will be the role of the human? Will this lead to a surge in human creativity and expression, or will the constraints of these models end up dictating human meaning and reinforce biases?

Organs without Bodies, is an exploration of the relationship between art and life in the context of AI-generated objects. Through our own machine learning model, we have generated a series of beautiful and unique objects that challenge traditional understandings of design and aesthetics, reflecting on the dual themes of embodiment and digital disembodiment. By bringing these objects into the physical world through advanced 3D printing technologies and integrating them into a set dining table, we aim to create a playful and immersive experience that invites viewers to engage with the objects and consider the role of AI in shaping our understanding of art, beauty and function, inviting viewers to reconsider their relationship with the objects that surround them in a potential future where everything can be AI-generated and brought to life.